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On June 8, the Haikou - Paris - Bournemouth international cargo route was opened at Haikou Meilan International Airport. This is the third Fifth Right Cargo Route opened by Haikou Meilan International Airport (hereinafter referred to as Meilan Airport) this year, and also the fifth Fifth Right Cargo Route operated by Hainan Free Trade Port. It will meet the demand for long-distance intercontinental effective logistics and inject new energy into the expansion of foreign trade cooperation channels for Hainan Free Trade Port.



It is reported that the newly opened Haikou - Paris - Bournemouth route is operated by British European Cargo Airlines and mainly transports e-commerce goods. It operates every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, starting from Meilan Airport, landing at Paris Wattry Airport in France, and then flying to Bournemouth in the United Kingdom.


The opening of this route not only provides important connections and support for the flow of goods between Hainan Free Trade Port and Europe, but also provides new opportunities for economic and trade exchanges and cooperation among the three hub cities, promoting further development of global trade.


At present, Meilan Airport has opened 5 international freight routes, including Haikou - Paris - Bournemouth, Haikou - Vienna - Bournemouth, Haikou - Bournemouth, Incheon - Haikou - Singapore, and Haikou - Paris, connecting 5 international freight destinations and constructing an international freight route network radiating from Haikou to Europe, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, and other regions. As of June 6, Meilan Airport has completed a cumulative international cargo and mail throughput of 7,255 tons this year, a year-on-year increase of 158%.


The Fifth Air Right refers to the right of a country's airline to stop and carry goods in a third country while operating an international route, which means that the airline can freely transport goods between three countries.